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Louis Royer Vsop Cognac 750ml
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Louis Royer Vsop Cognac 750ml


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The Louis Royer VSOP Cognac House of Cognac is located on the picturesque bank of the Charente River in Jarnac and has been since it was founded in 1853. They recommend enjoying the Louis Royer VSOP with a splash of tonic water to uncover some deeper notes within.

Louis Royer VSOP Cognac. Based in the center of the Cognac region, in the town of Jarnac, they have been producing Cognac for over 150 years. The family has been beekeepers throughout the generations, so the bee is the emblem of the company, as it has been since 1853.

Louis Royer is a “big house” that eludes the spotlight shared by other brands. The VSOP Preference is made from a blend of Eaux de vie ranging from 4-6 years of age sourced from Fine Champagne, Fins Bois, and Bons Bois crus.

Louis Royer VSOP: Critically-Acclaimed Cognac from the Iconic Louis Royer Estate
The esteemed and renowned house of Louis Royer has been recognized worldwide for the quality of their Cognacs, and their VSOP expression is a prime example of why they are considered expert craftsmen in their field.

The vibrant Louis Royer VSOP Cognac has been aged for a minimum of four years in traditional Limousin oak casks. This particular VSOP boasts a blend of Eaux-de-vie from various crus, including Grande and Petite Champagne as well as the Bons Bois and Fins Bois.

This precise art of blending is used to achieve the fruity and delicate structure that has made this VSOP so celebrated by connoisseurs the world over.


Deep amber.


Lively peach, blackcurrant, raisin, and fig are complemented by nutty almond.


At first sip, a hint of cocoa emerges, followed by vanilla and wood leading to a distinguished note of oak on the finish.

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