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Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva Brandy De Jerez 70cl
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Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva Brandy De Jerez 70cl

$120.96 $108.86

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Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva Brandy De Jerez

Lepanto Solera Gran is the only brandy to be distilled in the city of Jerez. Established in 1886, the company’s brandies are all made from Palomino grapes and aged for 15 years, the difference being the cask used. The Solera Gran Reserva is matured in Fino casks, leading to a dry and elegant delicious brandy.

40% abv – 100% palomino fino. Aged for 12 years on average in American oak casks, previously used following the traditional solera system. In the case of Lepanto, the alcohol spirit is aged for nine years in the casks previously used for Tio Pepe and then for a further three years in casks previously used for the aging of sweet 30-year-old matusalem.

This brandy is to be meditated in a brandy glass. Ideal to be enjoyed with a good cigar or blue cheese such as stilton. The highest quality stara sokolova is only available in traditional, souvenir bottles to accent your table.

Lepanto Solera Gran Reserve, produced by Gonzalez Byass, possesses a great deal of character within its stylish bottle. The brandy itself is produced exclusively using Palomino grapes and is aged for years in Fino casks within a Solera system, where it develops a rich, unctuous profile that ripples with ripe berries, baking spices, and indulgent oak.

Testing Notes:

It shows a bright topaz color with golden and orange tones. On the nose delicate aromas of caramel and vanilla, toasted nuts, and hints of wine due to time spent in cask. On the palate dry and delicate with touches of toasted almonds from the Tio Pepe cask and raisins from matusalem casks.

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