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Hine Rare Cognac Fine Champagne 750ml
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Hine Rare Cognac Fine Champagne 750ml


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Hine Rare VSOP Cognac is crafted using a blend of Eaux-de-vie from the Grande and Petite Champagne regions. Around 20 different Eaux-de-vie make their way into this expression, resulting in a flavor profile that boasts waves of floral breeze, fresh fruit, and warming woody spices. A stunning Cognac that was first blended by the eponymous Thomas Hine many moons ago.

A terrific VSOP from Hine, Rare is classed as Fine Champagne, meaning that the Eaux-de-vie used are all from the Grande or Petite Champagne areas, with at least 50% from Grande Champagne.

This VSOP from HINE is comprised of about 60% Grand Champagne and the remainder using Petite Champagne Eaux-de-vie making this a Fine Champagne Cognac. The age for the cognac used in this blend range from 6-12 years with the average age being 8 years.

The history of Hine Rare Cognac starts in the 18th Century when a young man by the name of Thomas Hine from Dorset arrived in Jarnac to undertake administerial work for a Cognac producer. He soon fell in love with the proprietor’s daughter Françoise-Elisabeth and married into the family.

This rich, supple Cognac is a liquid expression of a vintage leather club chair. The nut-brown spirit has big aromas of crème brûlée, toffee, cigar tobacco, and cocoa. After an initial sweetness on the tongue, it finishes relatively dry with lingering caramel, raisin, leather, and orange peel flavors, and a bracing alcohol bite.


Gentle hints of violets and jasmine with a rich candied orange character. Spiced.


Rich palate with notes of marmalade, toffee apples, and stem ginger. Hints of rum spice.


Rum-like finish. Over-ripe grape and oak.

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