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Hector Legrand Xo French Brandy 750ml
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Hector Legrand Xo French Brandy 750ml


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Hector Legrand Extra Cognac is produced out of France and, we presume, an “extra old” or “XO” brandy guaranteeing at least 10 years of aging.

Vinet-Delpech resides in the Fontgireau region of France under the direction of Delpech and Sons.

According to the write-up at Cognac Expert, the estate was founded in 1777 by the Laroche family. It remains in the Delpech family hands to this day using a blend of Colombard. Folle Blanche, and Ugni Blanc Grapes.

This Hector Legrand XO brandy leads with powerful, rounded vanilla notes and finishes with lots of baking spice on the finish. In between, look for honey and date flavors, and a moderately viscous feel.

The brandies average 10 to 12 years of age and won a Silver Medal winner at the S.F. Spirits Competition.

When Achille our ancestor went to the domain of Font Giraud to propose to Irène Legrand, he discovered some nice old barrels in his future father-in-law’s basement, Hector.

He decided to seize the opportunity of becoming a famous and respected distiller in the Haute Saintonge region thanks to this precious reserve. When he became the owner of the domain, he marked the barrels with Hector’s initials HL, in memory of his father-in-law. The HL Reserve became the inheritor’s proudness for the next generations.

We are still very proud of and highly inspired by our ancestor’s work. Hector Legrand Reserve gave rise to wonderful and high-quality brandies that we try to spread with the same passion. That is the reason why we decided to give this extra brandy the name of Hector Legrand.


deep brown color.


full-bodied, rich.


sweet, warm, oaky. Dry fruit, hints of chocolate.

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