Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka


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Grey Goose Cherry Noir Flavored Vodka is created by utilizing the 100% natural essence of ripe black cherries, partially handpicked by local farmers from the steep hillsides of the French countryside. This is blended with Grey Goose Cherry Noir, a spirit distilled from French wheat and made with naturally filtered spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue. This cherry flavored vodka exudes a spirit characterized by the seductive taste of ripe, aromatic black cherries.

Cherry Noir combines the freshness of sour cherries with the strong and sophisticated taste of classic vodka Grey Goose. It is made with 100% natural essence of sour cherries harvested on the hills of the French Basque Country, mixed with the famous Vodka Grey Goose, in turn diluted with the purest water and naturally filtered by Gensac-la-Pallue.

Aromas of cherry and a hint of sweet spices. Tart dark fruits and balanced acidity come through on the palate with a creamy mouth feel. Bright, long lingering finish. Very clean. A delicious sipper alone, but its versatility means it also shines with a huge range of ingredients.

Cultivated From Rare Black Cherries Found In The French Basque Country, GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir Combines The Aroma Of Fresh Cherries And Sweet Red Fruits With Dark Fruit Flavors And Layers Of Spice. The Result: A Sophisticated, Sensuous Flavored Vodka And Exceptional Complement To Any Night.

Made with the essence of the finest ripe black cherries, this sensuous cherry flavored vodka offers an extraordinary complement to any night.




Lively perfume, with aromas of black cherry and red fruits.


Notes of dark fruit and caramel, mixed with sweet spices; strong touches of vanilla, melon and banana; long finish of ripe black cherry.

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