Constantino Brandy 1ltr
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Constantino Brandy 1ltr


Brandy Constantino is a Portuguese brandy made by Sogrape Vinhos Portugal, a family-owned company that puts its focus on innovation. Luís Sottomayor is the expert winemaker in charge of production. High-quality brandies from various origins are blended together to make Brandy Constantino.

This drink is of the highest quality and includes only the finest ingredients. Carefully selected for its distinctive flavor profile, this drink is distilled for a smooth, bold taste. Serve neat or on the rocks. These Portuguese brandies are chosen specifically because of their taste, softness, sweetness, and clarity.

After blending, to comply with brandy legislation, Brandy Constantino is aged for 12 months in large wooden tanks. During this time, additives, colorings, and flavorings are added with the aim of enhancing both the flavor and aroma of the final spirit.

The end product is an elegant and well-balanced Portuguese brandy that will continue to mature and age in the bottle over time, retaining its character for years.

This dark yellow brandy has a powerful bouquet with a velvety consistency and a smooth finish. Serve it either chilled or at room temperature. While Brandy Constantino is traditionally served as a digestif, it can also be served as a cocktail using mixers such as juice or cola.

Pair this brandy with foods that are rich and inherently sweet, such as desserts or certain sauces. Cured meats and strong cheeses are also good pairing options.


Brandy Constantino 1L has a warm and inviting golden amber hue.


A rich, wine-like aroma is laced with woodiness and enticing hints of nut and vanilla.


Velvety smooth and balanced, with subtle notes of almond and spice, into a lengthy and refined finish.

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