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Bummer & Lazarus Dry Gin 750ml
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Bummer & Lazarus Dry Gin 750ml


In the early 1860s, the State of California was suffering from an epidemic of stray dogs. At the time, dogs were said to outnumber people in the city of Los Angeles by nearly two to one. In San Francisco, however, two stray dogs named Bummer & Lazarus were beloved by the city and recognized for their unique bond.

Bummer, a Newfoundland, made a living by begging for scraps along Montgomery Street. In 1861, he rescued Lazarus from a fight with a larger dog, and thereafter, the two dogs became inseparable. Eventually, newspapers and magazines such as the Californian, Daily Alta California, Daily Morning Call, and Daily Evening Bulletin began writing stories of the dogs’ exploits.

When Lazarus was captured by a dog catcher in 1862, a mob of angry citizens demanded his release and petitioned the city to have the pair declared public property. City supervisors were soon forced to release Lazarus and declared thereafter that the duo would be exempt from city ordinances against stray dogs.

In 1863, Lazarus passed away after being struck in the head by a horse. Emperor Norton, who had proclaimed himself the Emperor of the United States, attended Lazarus’ funeral. Two years later, Bummer passed away and was eulogized by Mark Twain.

As a result, Bummer & Lazarus Gin has notes of fresh citrus, particularly orange and lemon, along with subtle hints of earthy minerals and pepper. The clean and crisp finish ends with a soft burst of fresh cinnamon.

Distilled from California grapes, it holds a bold, mildly sweet profile. At the first sip, candied citrus peel seems to dominate, but star anise really rings through on the spicy finish. It delivers a soft and smooth feel.

Appearance / Colour:


Nose / Aroma / Smell:

Colorful citrus stands out, but pine blooms afterward.

Flavour / Taste / Palate:

Again, the citrus takes center stage, followed by lavender, and then juniper with a hint of pepper and clove.


Dry and gently fading, with even spice

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