Basil Hayden Dark Rye -
Basil Hayden Dark Rye

Basil Hayden Dark Rye


Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye 2017 is the second expansion in the Basil Hayden’s family, following Basil Hayden’s Rye. This release is made by blending Kentucky rye, Canadian rye (Alberta Distillery), and California port together. Jim Beam has announced that this will be the first ever permanent addition to the Basil Hayden’s family.

Basil Hayden Dark Rye is a high-rye American straight bourbon whiskey and one of the core brands in Beam Suntory’s Small Batch Collection. There’s a clear influence from the port on the palate. It’s sweet, consisting of a big bowl of berries and plums with a hint of vanilla dominating the sip.

If you love classic rye finishes, you’ve come to the wrong place, as the port continues to impact here too. The dark berries found in the palate linger, and carry through the entire finish. Adding to them is a nuttiness that is combined with white pepper and oak.  It’s far from dry, with the best way of describing this palate as juicy.


Deep, rich amber with ruby undertones


Oaky notes balanced with dark berries and molasses


Complex blend of caramel, dried fruit, and oak with back notes of spice and a rounded mouthfeel


Sweet notes of ruby port that lean into hints of oak, fresh leather, pickling spice, and dried dark red fruit.


Port overwhelms the palate, with light notes of rye spiciness and briny pickles, chocolate, some oak, finishing with a slightly cloying hint of caramelized corn syrup.


Lingering dried fruit with a hint of sweetness and rye spice



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