A. Edmond Audry Memorial Cognac Aoc Fine Champagne 750ml


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The house of A. Edmond Audry Memorial was founded in 1878 by the great-great-grandfather of the current owner. In the early 1950s, the Audry Company stopped selling cognac. However, some very old stocks were held back in reserve in the hopes that Audry would one day rise again to the fore. That day came in 1978 when Bernard Boisson decided to perpetuate the family tradition that had remained dormant for four decades.

Audry is made from blends of the original reserve and a few lots bought from a small group of local growers; they no longer distill grapes and are slowly using up their old casks. The results are divine. A standard XO can be released after six 1/2 years; Audry’s basic XO is aged from 12 to 30 years. Its otherworldly Exception and “Reserve Aristide” have been aged up to six decades. Audry is a superb Cognac – exquisite, layered, and impeccably crafted. They release less than 10,000 bottles a year.

Their blends are made from the finest cognacs of the two premier districts of the Cognac area: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, and thus carry the Fine Champagne label. They are aged for many years, even decades, in barrels made of oak from the Limousin and Tronçais forests.

This A. Edmond Audry Memorial Cognac is a tremendous value, being made from Cognacs of 30 to 60 years of average age, and is Audry’s flagship bottling, first made in 1978. Intense fruit and earth, with mango, pine needle, deep loam, and fine wood. A hint of Sherry-like rancio, giving way to a huge burst of flavor, but never losing its eloquence.


A dark, mahogany and garnet red.


Complex and rich aromatic palette. Green pepper, fresh apple, tobacco, spices, roasted coffee beans, cocoa, and rancio. The result is sumptuous and lingering.


Full-bodied, mellow with a subtle note of anise, violet, and licorice. A smooth and honeyish aftertaste that is satin to the palate and lasts a long time.

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