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mount veeder winery, Mount Veeder Winery

Mount Veeder Winery Gifts

mount veeder winery, Mount Veeder Winery

Mount Veeder Winery

Mount Veeder Winery ,a Red wine from Napa Valley, Napa County, California, United States. This wine has 1505 mentions of oaky notes (oak, tobacco, vanilla).

Mount Veeder Winery has three vineyard ranches nestled high in the Mayacamas Mountains, producing powerfully flavorful, concentrated wines that express their unique mountain terroir.

Mount Veeder’s vines are planted on wide terraces of earth cut into steep slopes. At elevations of 1,000 to 1,600 feet, the microclimate is very different from the Napa Valley floor.

Our Mount Veeder vines speak a language all their own. Becoming fluent in that language, fully understanding all its subtleties and nuance is the trick to making great wine from mountain vineyards.

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Our Three Ranches

Winery Ranch

The Winery Ranch is the oldest of our vineyards, containing the original vines planted by the Bernsteins.

North Ranch

The North Ranch was replanted in the 1990s using rootstock suited to Mount Veeder’s severe summer conditions.

Rosenquist Ranch

The Rosenquist Ranch sits a lofty 1,500-1,600 feet above sea level.

Mountain Vineyards

mount veeder winery, Mount Veeder Winery

Niki Williams, Winemaker

Niki Williams grew up in a central Illinois farming community, where she honed her land management skills from an early age. Niki also worked for a European travel company, through which she visited the top winemaking regions of France and Italy, discovering a deep love of wine along the way. When presented with the chance to return to school in 2008, Niki committed herself to her growing passion by earning a B.S. in Viticulture Enology at the University of California, Davis in order to pursue a career in winemaking.

mount veeder winery, Mount Veeder Winery

Our History

Michael and Arlene Bernstein were the first to plan grapevines on Mount Veeder in 1970. When 59 of their original Cabernet cuttings took root and flourished, they knew they were on to something. Encouraged by their friend and Napa legend Robert Mondavi, the Bernsteins established the first winery on Mount Veeder.

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