Cocktail, Essential Cocktail Ingredients from Sendgifts for Entertaining at Any Time

Essential Cocktail Ingredients from Sendgifts for Entertaining at Any Time

Cocktail drinks consist of a unique blend of drinks, one of which must be alcoholic. We highly recommend mixing your own cocktail drinks indoors and trying out new blends. Whether you want to share with a loved one or for a small party at home, cocktail drinks are a great way to unwind.

At Sendgifts, cocktail lovers can enjoy some excellent options to try out their mix at home. When it comes to cocktails, it’s always fun to try out some new mix that you’ve never had before, with a bit of knowledge, of course.

With a full range of cocktail options available on Sendgifts, we’ve done the hard work for you. As cocktail lovers ourselves, our assortment is comprehensive enough to ensure your creativity has no bounds. We offer the fastest alcohol home delivery service around, thus minimal hassle.

You’ll never go wrong with these Cocktail Ingredients. So, one must have these for any occasion. Let’s check it out.


It’s no surprise that vodka remains a popular spirit in the US. An alcohol base of vodka can create the simplest of cocktails, from the classic Cosmopolitan or the Moscow Mule to a more complex Bloody Mary or Espresso Martini.


Two dark liquors need to be stocked in addition to two light liquors, making a complete selection of cocktails possible. Whiskey is an obvious choice since it features in many popular cocktails, such as the Manhattan and the White Russian.

White Rum

As a versatile spirit, white rum is employed in many well-loved cocktails, like the Mojito and Daiquiri. If you offer your guests a few flavour options, they’re sure to be impressed.

Dark Rum

Dark rum cocktails may not be as popular as those made with lighter spirits, but there are still plenty of great recipes that make you wonder why. The first is the Old Fashioned, which has proven to be a favourite among cocktail buyers right now. If you prefer more richness, you can also make a dark rum Daiquiri. For a smooth and relaxing tipple, make a Mai Tai.

Limes or Oranges for juice and garnish

Most cocktails are balanced with one sweet and one sour ingredient. Lime juice is a classic sour ingredient that can be squeezed into the drink from fresh limes, or bought ready to pour. It works because it weakens the alcohol-taste a little, making the cocktail a little easier to drink, yet lime also brings out the flavour in a cocktail, like the Margarita. Fruit juice is one of the most versatile cocktail ingredients out there. Some of the lesser used but essentials for popular cocktails are tomato juice and cranberry juice.


The sweet, sour taste of syrup makes it a popular ingredient in cocktails such as the Whiskey Sour, the Vodka Sour, and the Mojito, among others.

Soda water

Soda water is one cocktail ingredient you shouldn’t overlook. In addition to being a great mixer, soda water can give your drink that extra-touch of refreshment.


Ice is undoubtedly one of the most important cocktail ingredients that you should never run out of! Make sure you have crushed ice on hand for Daiquiris and cubes of ice for a wide variety of cocktails and mixed drinks so that you are always ready to mix.


When you already have limes and oranges in stock, mint will almost always come in handy as a garnish. In the summer months, a mint-topped cocktail is truly delicious.

So which ingredients should you stock your home bar or kitchen with, so that you can offer a great choice of mouth-watering cocktails for your guests?

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