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Canadian Whisky, Canadian Whisky: Everything You Need to Know

Canadian Whisky: Everything You Need to Know

Canadian whisky has for decades been the best-selling whiskey in the USA and tends to be light bodied in style. It is produced from a wide range of grains: corn by far the most profuse, while rye contributes most flavor.

Today, we’ll be talking about some popular Canadian whiskeys but first, let’s discuss about some key differences between Canadian Whisky and American Whiskey.

Canadian Whisky: What Makes It So Special?

In order to understand the specialties of Canadian whisky, we must first explain what makes a whiskey Canadian.

Canadian whiskies must be aged in wood barrels of 700 liters or smaller for a minimum of three years. It must have a 40% ABV, must be made of a cereal grain, and must be made in Canada. Compare that to Scotch whisky regulations and you’ll be amazed at how much room Canadians have to stretch their whisky-making muscles.

A Canadian whiskey can also contain 9.09% of a coloring, flavoring, or other spirit, as long as this addition has aged for at least two years. Canadian distillers are able to experiment with all kinds of flavors by blending in other spirits, making Canadian whiskey unique. Adding in wine, bourbon, rum, or sherry, among other things, is what gives some Canadian whisky flavors that you can’t find elsewhere.

Canadian Whisky vs American Whiskey

Canadian Whisky comes across as a lot lighter and smoother than American whiskey. Rye whiskey is almost always found in Canadian Whisky. Most American whiskeys tends to be bourbon-based.

All Canadian whiskies must be aged for at least three years, just like Irish whiskies. It is a bit more complicated when it comes to American whiskey because there are so many different types. American straight whiskey, for instance, needs to be aged for at least two years. Bourbon is a little different. Bourbon that has been aged for less than four years must be accompanied by an aged statement on the bottle.

In contrast to American whiskey makers, Canadian distillers do not use mash bills in the production of their whiskey. Every step is performed separately in Canada. They mingle together after that. American whiskey is made by combining the grain before it is distilled.

Crown Royal Whiskies

Crown Royal Whisky has been around for quite some time. Canadian whiskey was produced in 1939 under odd circumstances. Originally, the whiskey was a gift for the King and Queen of England.

Crown Royal offers a variety of options. If you’re looking for something clean or flavored, they’ve got you covered. Starting with the Signature Series, you’ll find the exceptional Deluxe, the award-winning Rye, the bold Black, and the smooth Blender’s Mash. The Deluxe has a smooth palate enriched with hints of oak and sweet vanilla. The finish will also be long and lingering. This blend is rich and extraordinary.

The next series is the Master Series. It includes the elegant 18YR, the rare XR, the Cognac-finished XO, the deep Reserve, the intriguing Wine Barrel Finished, and the award-winning Winter Wheat.

And finally, if you’re fond of flavors, Crown Royal has a popular flavor series, including Regal Apple, Vanilla, Peach, and Salted Caramel.

Pendleton 1910

The next one is Pendleton 1910. It is quite rare to find Pendleton 1910. This whiskey is a 100% rye grain whiskey that’s distilled in Canada. A minimum of 12 years is spent aging in oak barrels.

In 1910, the first Pendleton Round-up took place, hence the name. Pendleton 1910 is a complex game! The flavor is rich and round with notes of butterscotch and charred oak. Spiced rye adds a kick with a bit of heat. The smoothness comes from the sweet maple and cherry, bringing balance to the whisky overall.

There is nothing better than Pendleton 1910 for whiskey lovers!

Tap Whisky

Tap Whisky has more than just the Port Finished whisky. Its aging process brings out the flavors of wood, spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It’s rich, layered, and has a lingering finish.  They also have Tap 357, a maple rye whisky. It all started with Tap 357, a perfect union of rye and maple, two Canadian staples. The whiskey is distilled four times in the oldest distillery in Western Canada.


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