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, The Best of Alcohol Gifts for Your Alcohol Connoisseurs

The Best of Alcohol Gifts for Your Alcohol Connoisseurs

Whatever your taste, Sendgifts offers different types of alcoholic beverages to take care of all kind of alcohol lovers.

You can give these “one size fits most” gifts to practically anyone in your life no matter how well you know them. You can give them to your mother or your father and also your boss or your employees. What are these versatile goodies, you ask? They’re gifts with alcohol.

Get the best online alcohol gift ideas you need, even if you happen to be shopping for yourself. You deserve a treat too after all. And the most important, Sendgifts is the fastest alcohol delivery service across the U.S.

Tikves Lozova Rakija Yellow Brandy 40%Abv 1L

Product Details

Aged in oak barrels under special conditions, we recommend this grape brandy as Macedonia’s most famous aperitif.

Lozova Rakija Is made from The Highest Quality Grapes from The Hot Sunny Climate Of The Tikves Region Of Macedonia. Produced In the Old-Fashioned Macedonian Tradition, Lozova Rakija Possesses a High-Quality Taste Greatly Respected in The Balkan Region.

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Category: Brandy & Cognac

Type: Brandy

Country: Macedonia

Brand: Tikves

Alcohol Volume: 40.0%

Size: 1L

Tsilili Tsipouro Of Thessaly Without Anise

Product Details

The finest grapes were fermented in Thessaly and meticulously distilled drop by drop in small copper stills atmou. Displays a unique bouquet of flowers and citrus triantafyllon. Rich in flavor with time in the aftertaste, balance dramatically. It is an authentic spirit that appeals to those who honor the tradition and appreciate quality. Enjoyed as an appetizer accompanied by savory snacks and as a digestif after a good meal.

Producer: Tsililis

Abv: 41%

Volume: 700ml

Country: Greece

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Appearance: Crystal-bright

Aroma: Minerality, brown bread, grassy, white grapes and fermenting pear fruit with faint rose and mint.

Taste: Cracked black pepper, pear and white grape fruit with more minerality and very faint clove spice.

Aftertaste: Fruit and spice with more pear fruit.

Overall: This is a refined tsipouro with attractive pear fruity spice.

It can be drunk on its own as well as it pairs well with appetizers and finger food but it is also a base spirit for inspired cocktails.

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