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cocktails, The best cocktails for a night event

The best cocktails for a night event

Any event or function is double the fun when celebrated at night with wine and liquor gift delivery services! We all would agree to the fact that night events have all the more energy in them as compared to the events held during the day.

There are a lot of reasons why the night events are more fun and happening than the morning ones. And one of the core reasons is cocktails made with alcohol gift delivery! Yes, these drinks are capable of turning any event into a fun night in no time.

Here are some drinks that can be received through wine gift delivery services in the USA, that when added to the mix of cocktails, will only enhance them and make the night more fun!

  • Riga Black Balsam 750ml

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Riga Black Balsam

Found on Send Gifts, the Riga Black Balsam in itself is full of flavor! It is made up of a mixture of 24 ingredients that include herbs, berries, fruit juices, honey, and all the goodness of nature, giving it a bittersweet taste. This mixed with something citrusy is sure to give your tongue a unique taste that you will never forget!

Brennivin Aquavit

Brennivin is a mixture of fermented grains mixed with mashed potatoes along with some caraway. Because of this specific mixture, the alcohol has a very distinct flavor and aroma which pairs extremely well with any seafood. Getting this drink through wine and liquor gift delivery service and mixing with others to make a cocktail is truly an idea worth trying.

  • Brennivin Aquavit 750ml

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  • Agardi Palinka Apricot Fruit Brandy 375ml

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Agardi Palinka Apricot Fruit Brandy

This brandy has the notes of an apricot jam which of course, makes it a pretty sweet brandy as compared to others received through online wine delivery. This brandy is a classic and is loved by not only beginners but also by experts in alcohol! This brandy mixed with some sour fruit juices is sure to balance out the taste and make a great cocktail.

High West Vodka 7000

How can we forget about vodka when it comes to cocktails? It is a star ingredient that makes the drink go from zero to a hundred in no time. this vodka especially has a silky-smooth taste and a rich mouthfeel. Hence, when it Is mixed with something else, the taste is automatically elevated into something extremely desirable!

  • Licor Beirao 750ml

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Licor Beirao

The Licor Beirao is a secret recipe of the brand owner. He had come up with this recipe long ago and the legacy is continuing to date. This liquor is made up of seeds and herbs which give it a rustic taste, to begin with. When mixed with the correct fruit juices, the result is so exemplary, it will blow your mind.


All these alcohols available on Sendgifts are the perfect addition to make a cocktail that will win everyone’s heart! These alcohols can be used in combination with each other to give some more twist to the already twisted drinks.

Send a gift of wine to others to make the receiver’s cocktail parties better and bigger! Wine gift delivery services in Canada are also looked upon by us!

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