Brennivin Aquavit 750ml

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Brennivin Aquavit

Brennivin Aquavit is made from fermented grain and/or potato mash and flavored with caraway. Brennivin has a unique and distinctive aroma and palate that is similar to Scandinavian akvavit that pairs well with pork, herring, salmon, shark, and other seafoods. Drink it straight ice cold or mix it into cocktails.

Made from pure Icelandic water that imparts a deliciously sweet taste and soft finish, this caraway flavored aquavit is best enjoyed on its own ice-cold, or use its unique taste to experiment in cocktails.

Made from grains/potatoes, depending on country-specific regulations, aquavits (or akvavits ) are sources of national pride throughout Scandinavia. Aquavits are clear liquors commonly compared to gin but typically boast caraway and dill as opposed to juniper berries. Their popularity abroad has led to many American versions of the spirit, but many still crave the real deal.

Brennivin Aquavit only uses caraway seeds for flavor (though some special versions used angelica or wormwood as well, the latter presenting as a more approachable Malört), but its subtle sweetness stems from the Icelandic water used. With a pH of about 8.9 and a lack of limestone present in the water, most native Icelandic drinks take on a distinctive flavor profile.

The secret to Brennivin, Iceland’s signature spirit, is the balance between the pure, soft, Icelandic water and the robust, savory, flavor of caraway. While the precise origin of the recipe is unknown, caraway is one of few spices that grow wild in Iceland, despite the harsh climate.


Lemon frosting; raw dough; four; light anise; drywall.


More oily than most vodkas, but still more similar vodka than gin. Raw dough and a bit floral.


Very little. Some light anise and caraway.

Brennivin Aquavit -
Brennivin Aquavit 750ml $98.98 $84.13
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