Mjodhamnen Fruktad Flyt Fall Honey Semi Sweet Honey Wine 750ml

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Many people think that meads are best made in the summer, but the fact is that the summer is the worst time of year for the Mjödhamnen meadmakers to work with bee keepers. Summer is when they are looking after their bees and is usually too soon for honey harvest. Bee keeper Göran Sundstrom, however, manages to have honey all year round, and Fall in Vänge was crafted over the summer with honey from his previous year’s harvest in the town of Vänge and region of Uppsala.

The mead is made from dark liquid honey with nectar sourced from a great variety of flowers, similar to those in the mead Fall in Vänge. There are distinct differences though: it is thought that a good deal of the nectar came from apple and pear blossoms, which is believed to have prevented the honey from crystallizing. The honey is from the area surrounding Vänge, a very small village outside Uppsala in Sweden. Rapeseed, cornflower and fruit blossom dominates as nectar sources, but there’s also distinct notes of exotic contributions such as crimson clover and dandelion.

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Category Champagne
Region United States, Champagne
Brand Mjodhamnen
Alcohol/vol 12%

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