Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey Kilbourne Place Batch Straight Rye

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53.55% Alc/Vol – 107.1 Proof
In The Pre-Prohibition Era, Rye Whiskey Was The Predominant Spirit Found In The Mid-Atlantic Region.  Rye Whiskey Is Defined As Using At Least 51% Rye In The Mash Bill Prior To Distillation And The Rye Lends To A Spicier, Bolder Whiskey Flavor.  The Predominance Of Rye Whiskey In This Region Has Roots In Farming As Rye Was One Of The Major Crop In The Region.  Going Back To The Colonial Days, Farmers Did Not Want Leftover Crops To Go To Waste, So They Distilled Extra Grain Into Spirits.  Leading Up To Prohibition, Maryland’s Distilling Industry Grew And Maryland Was One Of The Leading Producers Of Whiskey Alongside Pennsylvania And Kentucky.
Maryland Rye Whiskey Is Characterized As Being Sweeter Than Other Types Of Rye Whiskey, Such As Pennsylvania Rye.  This Is Because Maryland Rye Whiskey Uses More Corn In The Mashbill, Lending To A Sweeter Overall Flavor Profile.  The Kilbourne Place Batch Of Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey Pays Homage To The Rye Whiskey Style That Was Likely Present In Bottles In The Early 1900’S.
Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey Kilbourne Place Batch Straight Rye $154.98 $131.73
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