Taiga Shtof Siberian Vodka 1000 Ml

$205.00 $174.25

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Taiga Shtof Siberian Vodka is a new premium vodka blending the highest quality winter grain with the purest mineral water sourced from around the region.

Made of 100% Alpha Spirit, it delivers a brutally smooth taste which brings drinkers back to the original experience of real vodka.

We are launching a super-premium vodka brand which reflects the unbreakable spirit of Siberia and the unparalleled purity and refined taste of Taiga Shtof Siberian Vodka.

To challenge the high-end vodka market, where the true meaning of vodka has been lost and emerge as a paragon of ultimate quality & authenticity. Taiga Shtof will seduce the discerning drinkers in search of the very best in quality, taste and provenance.

Taiga Shtof Siberian Vodka 1000 ml
Taiga Shtof Siberian Vodka 1000 Ml $205.00 $174.25
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