Haku Vodka 750ml


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A vodka from Suntory! Haku Vodka is distilled from hakumai – Japanese white rice – with the word ‘haku’ meaning ‘white’ in Japanese, reflecting the clear and clean vodka. It’s twice distilled and filtered through bamboo charcoal. A complex grain undertone with lingering sweetness on the finish.

Haku is distilled from rice and filtered through bamboo charcoal to create a truly unique vodka. Rice Polished to remove unwanted flavour, our 100% Japanese white rice contributes to the sweet, yet clean and clear flavour of Haku. Bamboo charcoal Sourced from sustainable Japanese bamboo, the charcoal filtration retains distillate with smooth flavour.

Tasting Notes Of Haku Vodka

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Distilled from Japanese white rice, this vodka displays subtle violet, almond and charcoal notes on the nose and palate. It finishes light and brisk on a pink peppercorn tingle.

Category Vodka
Region Japan
Brand Haku Vodka
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00

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