Vermouth Volume Primo 750ml


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For those of you who have never been to Verona and visited the bar Archivio, you are missing out. This misterioso, meraviglioso little gem is nestled off of the Piazza Della Erbe, in the bend of the Adige River. Patrons spill out onto the narrow cobblestone streets, Americanos & Negronis in hand, smoking bogies, awaiting la luna. The atmosphere & cocktails are intoxicating! From the bar and brain of Archivio comes Volume Primo Vermouth. The idea of Archivio’s two Veronese bartenders, Raffaele & Tommaso, was to produce a versatile vermouth for their bar program and beyond.

Vermouth Volume Primo
Vermouth Volume Primo 750ml $89.00
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