Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon

$89.98 $71.98

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Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon $89.98 $71.98
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Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Is 90 Proof And Has Been Aged More Than Five Years At The Distillery In Owensboro. It Is Rich In Color With An Amber Hue And Made With All Kentucky-Grown Corn, Most From Daviess County. The Mash Bill Is 70% Corn, 21% Winter Rye, And 9% Malted 2 And 6-Row Barley. The Higher Rye Content Results In A Bourbon With Warming Spice Notes On The Nose And Palate. Additional Aroma Notes To Look For Include Cinnamon, Dried Cherry, And Light Leather. For Taste, It Has Notes Of Cinnamon, Vanilla, Caramel, And Chocolate Mint. The Finish Is Rich, Thick, And Lingering.