Wolfburn Aurora Sherry Oak Single Malt 750ml

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Wolfburn Aurora Sherry Oak Single Malt

Wolfburn Aurora Sherry Oak is the most northerly whisky distillery on the Scottish mainland. Originally founded in 1821, in its day it was one of the biggest in Scotland. Today, wolf burn has been re-awakened under the guiding hand of master distiller Shane Fraser and is once again making truly exceptional single malt scotch whisky. It is all done the traditional way: by hand, using only the finest ingredients, and without haste.

This beautiful sherried whisky is made from spirit laid down in a combination of American oak and Spanish oloroso sherry casks. Benefitting from long fermentation and slow, gentle distillation, the spirit is laid down on-site in our purpose-built warehouses. At the end of the maturation process, the casks are brought together to create an exceptionally smooth and perfectly balanced dram.

Wolfburn Aurora Sherry Oak is matured in three different types of cask: refill quarter casks, first-fill bourbon barrels, and first-fill oloroso sherry hogsheads. The three components are married to produce a sweet whisky with hints of spice.


Resinous, slightly rancid sherry with some tannic red wine. Beneath that, red berries and caramel malt. Rest in the glass disperses the rancidity and somewhat brightens the fruits.


Thin bodied. Robust tongue burns upfront, which resolves into the cinnamon extract, powdered ginger, and berry jam over a thin layer of malt. Eclectic. Feels incomplete.


On the short side. Cane sugar (molasses), and mild oak tannins. Fades vaguely, without resolution.

With Water:

A few drops of water wake up the sherry a bit adding fruit and also round out the vanilla sweetness in the aroma. The palate also seems fuller and more dynamic. Water highly recommended this one.

Wolfburn Aurora Sherry Oak Single Malt -
Wolfburn Aurora Sherry Oak Single Malt 750ml $172.00 $146.20
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