Glendronach Vintage 1993 24 Year Old Single Malt/Cask Scotch Whisky 750ml

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GlenDronach Vintage 1993 24 Year Old Cask 656 UK Exclusive is an almost quarter of a century matured expression with bags of flavour and depth. This fine dram is exclusive to the UK and is a rare find, aged in sherry butts and bottled at 57.9% ABV. Only 556 bottles of this lovely stuff were made and released.
A single cask bottling of GlenDronach single malt, bottled as a joint effort between La Maison du Whisky and Belgian bottler, The Nectar. This was aged in a single sherry butt for 24 years, from February 1993 to September 2017, before being bottled with an outturn of 659 bottles.
A 1993 vintage, single-cask whisky from Glendronach. This has been matured for 24 years in an a sherry butt and bottled as part of the distillery’s 15th batch. Rich, sweet, heavy sherry aromas and flavours.
This big beauty of a dram, is one of several crackers we’ve lined up to celebrate our tenth year online. Since our previous GD exclusives, (cask 33 & 3400), we’ve been delving through the GlenDronach sample warehouse searching for the perfect dram to follow… In so doing, we believe we’ve found an exceptional dram that surpasses its much loved predecessors!
Packed with flavour both on nose and palate, cask 652 is a truly elegant & sophisticated dram, yet packs a fair punch, bottled from cask at 60.6% vol. A 1993 vintage, aged in a sherry butt for 24 years and bottled exclusively for Abbey Whisky in 2017 to celebrate our tenth year online…
Richly chocolatey at first, though develops a fragrant hint of floral malt underneath.
Banana fritter, smoky tea leaves, plump dates and a hint of chocolate chip brownie.
Coffee, peppery oak and a hint of burnt barley.

GlenDronach Vintage 1993 24 Year Old Single Malt/Cask Scotch Whisky -
Glendronach Vintage 1993 24 Year Old Single Malt/Cask Scotch Whisky 750ml $1,495.00 $1,270.75
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