Molinari Sambuca Extra 1ltr

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Molinari Sambuca Extra

Molinari SAmbuca Extra is a sweet and strong liqueur, anise-flavored, prepared with a recipe the Molinari family will never reveal, made from star anise seeds, sugar, herbs and rather fine and precious spices. Nose is Sweet and persistent, with an unmistakable flavour of star anise. Pleasant, warm and full on the palate. Full-flavored, with a long persistence of anise.

This is among the best of the sambuca category. Look for sweet licorice and fennel aromatics, and bold anise flavor on the palate, which grows bolder and more rounded with repeated sips. The alcohol bite softens with the addition of ice or coffee, while the licorice flavor continues to sing out.

Category: Sambuca
Region: Italy
Brand: Molinari
Alcohol/vol: 42%
Proof: 84.00



Molinari Sambuca Extra
Molinari Sambuca Extra 1ltr $92.98 $79.03
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