Ron Cartavio Xo 18 Anos 750ml

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Very old rum from Peruvian distillers Ron Cartavio. You may not have heard of Peruvian rum before, but this might be just the introduction you’re looking for. The Ron Cartavio Xo 18 is matured in American, French Limousin, and Slovenian casks in a Solera system, which has imparted sweet, buttery, and spicy flavors. Massively intriguing, this one.

The oldest release in the Ron Cartavio stable, XO is an 18-year-old rum from Peru – sweet and nutty.

Ron Cartavio XO comes housed in a very nice decanter style bottle with a  nice black and gold box to store the rum in. As you would expect at the price it comes with a cork sopper complete with a wire mesh to keep it in place before the buyer opens it. It very much screams “gift” bottle. It will appeal to the more casual luxury consumer.

The fertile valley of Chicama, north of Peru enshrouds many amazing secrets once upheld by the ancient Mochica masters. Today these enchanted lands host time-honored barrels that guard exquisite sensations steeped in the same spirit.

To keep with this extraordinary legacy, ron cartavio proudly presents ron cartavio xo, the splendorous culmination of our 80 years of rum-making expertise.

Right through the meticulous selection of the initial ingredients, the patient aging in the American, French, and Slovenian oak casks, the consummate blending to then proceed to the sophisticated aging solera process, no detail is left to chance in the crafting of its artisanal masterpiece. The regal presentation of this ambrosial rum fully fits a product that nears perfection.

Tasting Notes of  Ron Cartavio Xo 18 Anos


Dark chocolate mousse, Golden Syrup cake, and peanut are brittle. A soft hint of violet freshness develops.


 Rich and thick with caramel and honey tropical fruits. A pinch of earthy, vegetal spice – almost rancio-like.


Drying chocolate notes once again, joined by spearmint and cinnamon sweeties.

Ron Cartavio Xo 18 Anos -
Ron Cartavio Xo 18 Anos 750ml $164.98 $140.23
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