Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum 750ml

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Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum is reminiscent of Toffee, pickling spices, and lanolin on the nose. A smooth entry leads to a well rounded, slightly fruity dry medium-bodied palate with roasted nut, dark caramel, and vanilla bean. Ending with a delicious buttered nut, spice, caramel fade, Ron Barcelo Anejo rum is hedonistic aged Caribbean rum.

Lovely golden/dark rum from the Dominican Republic, Ron Barceló Añejo works well in cocktails, or on the rocks.

Popular Dominican Republic brand Ron Barceló is now distilled by Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos. They use 100% sugar cane juice from the country for their distillation. The operation also prides itself on its efficiency and eco-friendly practices.

It is a brown rectangular bottle with a mid-sized neck and metallic pressed on the screw cap. The slight taper from the shoulders to the bottom makes the bottle easier to grab. The longer neck and generous mouth should make it easy to pour without spilling.

Unfortunately, there is the plastic diffuser built into the mouth which I find quite annoying as I have to gently shake the bottle as I pour it which defeats the benefits of the long neck and wide mouth. I dislike diffusers that serve no purpose in my marketplace.

Barceló does their aging in used American bourbon barrels, vertically stacked, which are scraped and re-charred in between uses. This review was done with their 37.5% abv bottling which is sold around the world. In the US, the minimum bottling must be 40% abv.


Spicy and toasty with notes of dry oak, marasca cherries, hints of butterscotch, and cedar.


A tangy, caramel-rich palate with cocoa butter a little youthful oak, and spice.


Spiced and sweet with creamy chocolate.

Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum -
Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum 750ml $62.98 $53.53
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