Kirk And Sweeney Rum 12 Year Old 750ml

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Kirk and Sweeney Rum 12-Year-Old is adored for its sweet vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and fire flavor notes.

This Rum is carefully distilled at 35 Maple Street distillery, Dominican Republic.

This deep mahogany colored rum presents a sweet aroma balanced heavily toward cane honey, with earthy sugar cane undertones, along with a hint of vanilla, luscious toasted oak, caramel, and dried fruits. Initial taste reveals a nectar-sweet quality, leading to a weightier body that indicates substantially aged rum that’s serious in character but not overbearing.

A marvelous Kirk and Sweeney Rum 12-year-old from the Dominican Republic, aged in American oak casks. A gorgeous bottle, and a rum to match its gorgeousness.

Light notes of vanilla and wood hit the palate transforming into an incredibly smooth offering. Bold, ripe, and sweet vanilla flavors evolve near the end, providing a smooth, long, and luxurious finish.

Named for a wooden schooner famed for smuggling rum during Prohibition, this amber rum has a relatively light feel for a spirit aged a full 12 years.

Flavors and aromas run to hazelnut, cookie dough, brown sugar, and vanilla, pepped up with dark chocolate and espresso. Presented in a rotund “onion” bottle modeled after an 18th-century design.


At first whiff, the nose is dominated by vanilla. The aroma is rich and opulent with notes of creme brulee and brown sugar topped off with more vanilla.


The palate is smooth with a medium body. The rum has a subtle sweetness that well balanced with oak tannins. The flavor explodes with vanilla and faint hints of molasses. As you drink the rum tertiary notes of milk chocolate and caramel peek through the veil of vanilla.


The finish is long and warm. Once again vanilla is the central flavor throughout the finish with light notes for green sugar cane and oak.

Kirk and Sweeney Rum 12 year old -
Kirk And Sweeney Rum 12 Year Old 750ml $96.98 $82.43
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Category Rum
Region Dominican Republic
Brand Kirk and Sweeney
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00

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Weight 750 lbs