Foursquare 12Yr 2009 Single Blend Rum 750ml

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Foursquare Rum Distillery really should need no introduction. Originally set up by Reginald Leon Seale, the great-great grandfather of the current Master Blender and Distiller Richard Seale, the distillery has become the byword for classic Caribbean rum. Richard Seale is an absolute iconoclast who has turned the rum world on its head. In an industry dominated by huge drinks corporations that has long sold a story above the quality of its product, Seale has fought for transparency in production and labeling of rum. Derided by some as an idealistic purist, he is championed by many (including Kamp;L) as a leader in an industry that has transformed how we think about rum and what rum consumers want. It’s no wonder that noted spirits authority Fred Minnick has called Foursquare “the Pappy of rum.” We have tracked down an exceptional and rare cask of Foursquare (not an easy feat), and as always for Foursquare, it has been bottled without color, caramel, or sugar added. Tasting notes from the distiller, “2009 is bright and fruit forward, while still showing great depth and complexity from aging entirely under a tropical climate. It showcases significant red fruits – both dried and fresh – brown butter, baking spices, and nuttiness indicative of long aging. The mouthfeel is complex and lingering – with nice oak tannins throughout.”

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Category Rum
Region Caribbean , Rum
Brand Foursquare
Alcohol/vol 40%

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