Clement Select Barrel Rhum Vieux Agricole 750ml

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To achieve the depth of flavour and wonderful mouth-feel for their Clement Rhum Vieux Agricole, the Clément distillers in Martinique choose only the finest casks to create the expression with. Plenty of natural sweetness, which balances the earthy, grassy notes of the rhum agricole superbly.

Select Barrel Is Aged In Particular Oak Barrels Selected For Their Rich Natural Sweetness And Intense Aromatic Qualities For A Minimum Of Three Years Under The Watchful Eyes Of Our Cellar Master At Habitation Clément. The Imaginative Alchemy With This Contemporary Approach To Selected Oak Results In A Magnificent Aged Rhum Agricole With Well-Balanced Sweetness.

This rum is accentuated by the intense charred wood flavors balanced by the natural sweetness of the sugarcane distillate and displays some of the finest floral notes and pure character of the Clément cellar. Rhum Clement Vieux Select Barrel is produced using fresh sugar cane juice which is then distilled on a column still. The barrels used, so Clement tell us, are specially selected and are heavily toasted. The rhums in this blend are aged for a minimum of 3 years.

Brand: Clément
: Habitation Clément
Alcohol by volume: 42%
Alcohol proof: 84 Proof

Country of Origin: Martinique


Tasting Notes Of Clement Rhum Vieux Agricole

Clément Select Barrel is characterized by its soft vanilla notes and remarkable smooth finish. It is aged in particular oak barrels selected for their rich natural sweetness and intense aromatic qualities under the watchful eyes of our cellar master

Clement Select Barrel Rhum Vieux Agricole 750ml $82.96 $70.52
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