Carupano Zafra 750ml

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Carupano Zafra is an exceptional 80 proof Extra Old Selection Rum with close cask aging in white American oak without loss reposition and with blends of distilled reserves barreled in 1991, which evolved in such a particular way as to be chosen to create an aged rum to evoke unique and unrepeatable sensorial conditions in a special edition rum with an annual production of only 5000 units bottled in French crystal.

Ron Carúpano Zafra 1991 is a special rum because it pays tribute to the process of harvesting the sugar cane crop and because it was developed by Carmen López de Bastidas, the only female rum teacher in Venezuela and one of the four in the world. Founded In 1762, By The Spanish Captain Felix Del Fierro, The Hacienda Altamira Is A Perfect Paragon For Representing The 250 Years Old History Of Ron Carupano. The Transformations It…

Tasting Notes Of Carupano Zafra 

Clean amber color coats the glass elegantly with thin legs that trail down slowly. Scents of pineapple pie and coconut arise in an uplifting and refined manner with such a slight alcohol taste that can be enjoyed at room temperature. Aromas of hazelnut and almond combine with citric scents of orange peel confit and yellow flowers into a delicately feminine rum.

Carupano Zafra -
Carupano Zafra 750ml $398.98 $339.13
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