Marolo Milla Camomile E Grappa 750ml

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Marolo Milla Camomile E Grappa 750ml

Milla is a liqueur made from the infusion of Chamomile flowers in the grappa. The Chamomile flowers are picked when fully ripened then left to steep for eleven months in the grappa. This liqueur is obtained from a traditional and easy recipe, typical in the Langhe territory, the land of Barolo and Barbaresco.

Spirits Category: Grappa
Spirits Size: 750ml
Spirits Origin: Italy

Tasting Notes
This magical blend of grappa and camomile will delight the grappa aficionado and most ardent grappa despiser alike. It has just enough sweetness to cover up any of the roughness grappa is known for, while remaining more sophisticated than a typical sweet liqueur.

Marolo Milla Camomile
Marolo Milla Camomile E Grappa 750ml $135.00 $114.75
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