Caffo Vecchia Grappa Barrique 750ml

$75.00 $63.75

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Caffo Vecchia Grappa Barrique is the result of over a century of experience in distillation. A slow steam distillation of fine Italian grapes and subsequent aging in oak barrels gives this grappa the seriousness of age and the finesse of a masterfully produced spirit. Aged in French oak (barrique) for 12 months, this Caffo Vecchia Grappa Barrique is light gold in color, toning down the harsh edge often associated with grappa.  Made with pinot grigio, refosco, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc, as well as gaglioppo and magliocco.  This spirit offers notes of golden raisins and vanilla, intertwined with baking spice and a hint of figs.

Caffo Vecchia Grappa Barrique -
Caffo Vecchia Grappa Barrique 750ml $75.00 $63.75
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