Belle De Brillet


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Belle De Brillet

HARVEST & AGEING – The Brillet Distillery Is A “Bouilleur De Cru” Distillery Reserved Exclusively For The Production From Brillet’s Own Vineyards. December To March Sees The Delicate Traditional Operation Of Distillation Charentaise (2 Times) In The Traditional Charentais Pot Still Made From Pure Copper In A Ritual Unchanged Since The XVII Century. The Brillet Cellars Assure The Slow Metamorphosis Of The Pure Eau De Vie De Cognac But Not Without The Heavy Tribute In Evaporation Called “La Past Des Agnes”. In Order To Guarantee The Best Original Quality Of The Two Premiers Grand Crus Of Cognac, The Brillet Congacs Are Produced, Aged In Oak Barrels And Bottled Separately “Unblended”

WINEMAKER’S NOTES – This, One Of France’s Classic And Great Liqueurs, Is The Original Blend Of Brillet Cognac And The Essence Of Pears Williams (Poires Williams). The Perfectly Matured Pears, Carefully Selected, Were Picked At Their Peak Of Ripeness, Macerated, Then Blended With Fine Brillet Cognac. About Twenty Pounds Of Pears For Each Bottle.

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