Antica Black Sambuca 750ml


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Antica Black Sambuca

750 ml, 38% ABV

Antica Black Sambuca is the most characteristic variation of Classic Sambuca. The production process starts from an infusion of Calabrian liquorice followed by flavoring of the basic liqueur. The particular feature of this liqueur is the decided aroma of anise combined with the typically digestive spicy hints of liquorice. Black sambuca is a well defined, unique product.

Antica Black has the same traditional but more pronounced and fragrant anise aroma with an added licorice perfume leading to luxuriously rich, silky, sweet flavors with herbal notes on the palate. Sambuca is traditionally served on its own as a liqueur, with ice or in coffee. To appreciate Antica in its purest form, pour an inch of Sambuca in a snifter and garnish with three espresso beans.

Antica Black Sambuca
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