Agardi Palinka Apricot Fruit Brandy 375ml


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Agardi Palinka Apricot Fruit BrandyPalinka is the national fruit brandy of Hungary. Double-distilled and 100% natural, it is made from fruits native to and harvested from the fertile Carpathian Basin region of Europe. Founded only in 2001, the Agardi Distillery rose quickly to prominence, thanks to the extraordinary skills of Master Distiller Tibor Vertes. His apricot palinka has the ripe juicy flavors and the bright aromas of apricot jam, with a pleasant fruit-driven finish.
Agardi Palinka Apricot Fruit Brandy’s Ripe, Juicy Flavors And The Bright Aromas Of Apricot Jam Are The Hallmarks Of One Of Agard Distillery’s Most Storied Brandies. This Classic Brandy Has A Pleasant, Fruit-Driven Finish Making This A Favorite Among Brandy Connoisseurs And Novices Alike. It Is Recommended At Room Temperature And Best Enjoyed Before Or After A Meal.

Product Details

Type: Spirits

Subtype: Brandy
Country: Hungary
Alcohol: 40%

Bottle size: 375 ml

Agardi Palinka Apricot Fruit Brandy
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