Joseph Magnus & Co. Vigilant Navy Strength Gin 750ml

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Joseph Magnus Vigilant Gin Was A Real Life Distiller In The 1800s Who Shuttered His Business During Prohibition. His Great Grandson Sought To Resurrect The Family Trade, And Chose The District As The Distillery’s New Home; Recent DC Laws Permitting Spirit Sales On Premises Make The City An Attractive Place To Produce Liquor.

Introducing The Next Gin From Nicole Hassoun, Creator Of The Award Winning Vigilant District Dry Gin. Vigilant Navy Strength Gin Is Crafted From 100% Corn Distillate – 100% Corn Distillate, Steeped And Distilled With Family Made Harissa, Figs, Fresh Mint, Fresh Lemon, Hops, And Hibiscus.

This Gin Was Designed To Be The Perfect Base For Amazing Cocktails. One Ounce Of The Vigilant Navy Strength Gin Topped With Soda And Lemon Is Like The Best Gin And Tonic You Have Ever Had, Without The Sugar. Because Of Its High Proof, A Little Bit Goes A Long Way- But The Flavor Can Carry Through Anything. Perfectly Balanced And Strong As Hell, This Gin Will Wake You Up And Put You To Bed. 114 Proof.

Joseph Magnus Vigilant Gin is crafted from 100% corn spirit that is steeped and distilled with family-made harissa, figs, fresh mint, fresh lemon, hops, hibiscus, and four year old Italian juniper berries. This spirit packs a punch at 114 proof.

BRAND : Joseph Magnus
COUNTRY : United States
STATE : District of Columbia
TASTE : Aromatic, Floral, Juniper, Herbal, Balanced

– Producer’s Note

Joseph Magnus & Co. Vigilant Navy Strength Gin -
Joseph Magnus & Co. Vigilant Navy Strength Gin 750ml $84.98 $63.74
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