Bourgoin Cognac Vintage 1998 Microbarrique 375 Ml

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Description taken from “Old Liquors Magazine”: After 22 years, the aging is finished in a 10-liter crocodile charred Micro-barrel. It produces a subtle and smooth Bourgoin Cognac with empyreumatic aromas. Reduced with rainwater, bottled by hand.

For brothers Maëlys and Frédéric Bourgoin – and for their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents before them – expression of terroir was not only the driving force behind their stunning Cognac, it was the key to their success and the foundation of what has become a highly recognizable and esteemed brand.

While this is by no means unusual in the world-beating Cognac region of France, where expressive Brandies have been made according to traditional principles since the 16th century, the Bourgoin family made expression and terroir-focused production the very center of all they do. By blazing a bright and influential trail in this most hallowed of French grape growing locations, Maëlys and Frédéric Bourgoin have risen a new standard for Cognac.

As Maëlys states, his Cognacs are “Unblended and unfiltered… without any additives, colorants, or added sugars. Bourgoin Cognac is bottled by hand, by vintage, by plot, and by casks”. This is Cognac production which would have seemed rustic even to their pioneering great-grandfather, and which allows the drinker to really tap into that all important sense of time and place.

The microbarrique’s deep char imparts wonderful roundness and exotic flavors. Easy drinking but not at all boring, expect rich aromatics of stone fruit and honey. An aromatic character not unlike a fine highland malt, but the palate is where the barrel finish really makes it’s presence known. Expect roasted almond, cracked coconut and ripe tropical fruit.

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