A. Hardy Organic Vsop Cognac 750ml

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Hardy Cognac VSOP Organic is first, and foremost, a fine VSOP Cognac with all that this entails; including the minimum of four years aging in wood according to the legal description (yes, there is a French law on the matter), proper grape varietals, and provenance … it is all in there equal to their “standard” VSOP product. The “Organic” is tagged on to the name because this batch sources their grapes form a certified organic vineyard just up the road from the, well … non-certified one.

Cognacs made with organically grown grapes are incredibly rare, and this bottling from Hardy was made with grapes from small, carefully selected vineyards. This VSOP is soft, elegant and aromatic, with the emphasis on fruit, not spice.

So, let’s cut to the chase … what does it taste like? Maison Hardy always does a great job and this is no exception. Hardy Cognac VSOP Organic has a perfumed elegance and refinement with all the floral aromas and purity that connoisseurs look for, and the easy-drinking smoothness that spirit lovers crave with the “organic” designation and recycled packaging that might just add a bit of extra value. You be the judge, but you will not be disappointed by the spirit.

An organic Cognac from Hardy, which isn’t something you see all too often! This VSOP is silky and full of orchard fruit sweetness and buttery caramel notes to enjoy. A rather easy sipper!

This Cognac offers rich aromas and flavors, yet still remains light and easygoing. Concentrated tones of milky caramel and hazelnut on nose and palate are offset by lemon peel acidity and an espresso tinge, yielding a versatile spirit to sip or mix.

Appearance / Color:

Dark Amber.

Nose / Aroma / Smell:

Spring flowers, vanilla, pear, toasted wood.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

Long lasting flavor on the pallet with baked autumn fruits and roasted hazelnuts.

Finish :

Refined, long, fruit and spice.

A. Hardy "Organic" VSOP Cognac -
A. Hardy Organic Vsop Cognac 750ml $135.00 $114.75
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