Adami Brut Prosecco Garbel 750 Ml


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Adami Brut Prosecco Garbel

Of Franco Adami’s various offerings, the NV Prosecco Treviso Brut Garbel is the most affordable. This bubbly wine is made with fruit sourced from the greater plains of the Treviso area as opposed to the difficult-to-farm hills of Valdobbiadene-Conegliano. Because Prosecco remains a technical wine, quality can remain stable across the board despite this difference in appellation (and farming costs). Bright citrus and peach emerge from the bouquet of this cheerful sparkling wine.

Franco Adami offers a spectacular line of high-end, single-vineyard wines under his Prosecco Superiore Rive program, but he also delivers some price-sensitive options as well. Quality at Adami is excellent across the board, and it gives me great pleasure to recommend these cheerful sparkling wines. Prosecco Superiore is often considered a technical wine made in large, pressurized tanks. For this reason, it is easy to keep quality consistent vintage after vintage. But Adami offers much more than a technical wine. His expressions reflect the buoyant optimism and irresistible energy of the man himself.

Garbel, which in ancient local dialect means a dry, crisp, pleasantly tart wine, is produced from the hilly vineyards in the Colli Trevigiani area. The ample nose releases crisp-edged, complex fruit notes, and the palate is full-flavored with a crisp acidity. A wonderfully versatile sparkler, Garbel’s 13 grams of residual sugar place it between the Brut and Extra Dry styles, making it perfect for wine bars as well as celebrations.

Product Details

Varietal: Prosecco, Sparkling
Type: Wine
Subtype: Sparkling
Country: Italy

We suggest enjoying Prosecco in a white wine glass – not a flute – which is not wide enough for expressing all the wine’s aromas and fruitiness.

Adami Brut Prosecco Garbel
Adami Brut Prosecco Garbel 750 Ml $57.00
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