Adrien Camut 18 Year Privilege Calvados Domaine De Semainville 750ml

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The Adrien Camut 18 Year 18 year old is the perfect brandy. Melted toffee along with subdued notes of spiced apple and honey. Lovely round mouthfeel, with just a finishing touch of smoke and floral notes.

From the most highly respected grower in Normandy, with some of the oldest casks of Adrien Camut 18 Year Calvados around, is the Adrien Camut Family. Since the 1800s, the Camut family has grown 115 acres of apple trees in the Pays d’Auge, the finest growing region for Calvados. In Normandy, 800 types of apples are grown; the Camut family grows about 25 of these, all of which are hand-harvested at optimum maturity between October and mid-December. While pears are allowed in Calvados, only apples grown on the Camut property are used in Camut Calvados—no purchased fruit whatsoever.

A legendary Adrien Camut 18 Year Calvados house, family-owned and run since the 19th century, with a meticulous attention to detail and devotion to quality – this is a very special spirit.

After aging for 18 years in casks, intense aromas of plums are to be found – as well as rhubarb pie, quince jelly and vanilla, all subdued by a dominant bouquet of oak. This Calvados is collectively very voluminous and spicy, with a very long finish with tones of smoke and aromatic nut.

The spirit opens with baked apple aromas and then transitions into ripe red apples with some nutty notes from the extensive barrel aging. The Camut line of Calvados always show better with age, as the double distillation, while making them more neutral in their youth, frees the spirit from impurities that show with age. The palate is soft, rich, and oozing with baking spice, intense earth, and cooked pomme fruit. It is the top of the line for 15+ year old Calvados.

Veuve J Goudoulin XO Bas-ArmagnacAdrien Camut 18 Year Privilege Calvados Domaine de Semainville -
Adrien Camut 18 Year Privilege Calvados Domaine De Semainville 750ml $445.00 $378.25
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