Dettling Kirsch Superieur Vieux 375Ml


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Dettling Kirsch Superieur Vieux 375ml requires eight kilos of fruit per litre, and not just any old fruit either: only the most succulent Swiss mountain cherries are used. The highly sought-after brandy betrays the fine art of distillation

Dettling Kirsch Superieur Vieux  375ml is Distilled From Only The Best Types Of Cherry Grown In Top Locations. Its Typical Mild And Soft Taste Results From Storing The Kirsch For A Period Of Three To Four Years. Known as one of Dettling’s classic products, the powerful and fruity taste of Supérieur Vieux is produced by storing the brandy for a period of one to two years.

More Than 145 Years Of Tradition, A Love For Kirsch, And Professional Skill Have Left Their Mark On Dettling’s Edel-Kirsch Brandies. As Early As 1867, Franz-Xaver Dettling, Founder Of The Dettling Distilleries In Brunnen, Discovered That The Black Cherries Grown In Central Switzerland Produce A Highly Aromatic Brandy When Distilled Gently. The Careful Selection Of Ripe Cherries And The Skilled Art Of Distillation Make Dettling One Of Europe’s Leading Producers Of Kirsch Brandy.

Brand: Dettling

Category: Spirits

Class: Brandy

Type: Fruit Brandy

Origin: Switzerland

ABV/Proof: 82

Volume: 375 ml

The Noble Dettling Cherry-Brandies Are Kosher And Certified By The Orthodox Union.

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