Asbach Privatbrand Brandy 8 Year Old 750ml

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Asbach Privatbrand Brandy 8 Year Old

Asbach Privatbrand 8 Year Old is a popular rich, spicy German brandy that has been matured in small French Limousin oak casks. The company has won many awards for their brandies, including a Gold at the 2013 World Spirit Awards for the 8-year-old expression.

An 8-year-old German brandy from Asbach, matured in high-quality French Limousin oak casks for big spicy flavors.

Asbach PrivatBrand has been matured for at least 8 years in small Limousin oak barrels and is ennobled by the secret Asbach maturing and refining process. Asbach Privatbrand Brandy owes its unique and incomparably smooth taste to the distillation of selected wines only from the best wine-growing areas.

The 8-year-old expression of this popular German brandy. Asbach first became known outside of Germany when troops returning from World War II brought back their taste for the spirit.

This bottling is aged in small French Limousin casks (the distillery’s founder, Hugo Asbach, was French and studied the methods of Cognac houses prior to creating his own brandy) for 8 years. Asbach uses wine sourced from across Europe, distilling in copper pot stills.

A high-quality German grape brandy that is made using wines sourced from some of the best regions in the country. After distillation, the spirit is aged for eight years in small French Limousin oak casks.


Dark amber.


Distinctively fruity with notes of bitter chocolate and cedarwood.


Full-bodied and very spicy, a well developed flavor of fruits with background notes of almonds and spices.


Very long, with full-bodied, aromatic, and ripe notes.

Asbach Privatbrand Brandy 8 year old -
Asbach Privatbrand Brandy 8 Year Old 750ml $130.98 $120.50
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Category Brandy
Region Germany
Brand Asbach
Alcohol/vol 40%

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Weight 750 lbs