Ararat 3 Year Old Brandy 750ml


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Ararat 3 Year Old is a three-year-old brandy from Armenia made using locally grown white grapes and first produced in 1887. A great alternative to VS or VSOP Cognac. Ararat was the favorite brandy of Agatha Christie and Frank Sinatra, among others.

Amber color with a touch of gold. A lively, spicy, somewhat metallic flavor with fruit and flower overtones, emphasized by touches of fresh butter and oak. Strong and intense taste, slightly piquant at the onset. Refined sweetness is replaced by light dryness at the very end.

The name Ararat comes from the famous Mount Ararat, where Noah’s ark landed after the biblical flood. This mythical mountain is Armenia’s most respected symbol of national culture and identity, a source of vitality and pride. Ararat is also the location of one of the oldest vineyards in the world.

Ararat 3 Year Old Brandy is the youngest and most daring in the range. It is distinguished by its lively and spicy aroma of flowering fruit trees and an intense, slightly burning taste with notes of fresh home baking.

Lively and dynamic, «Three Stars» ARARAT brandy will bring the warmth of the sun to any table or while you are simply relaxing with family and friends, outdoors, traveling, or at home.


Amber color with golden tones.


Fresh, spicy, and slightly metallic aroma, with floral and fruity overtones. Rich, buttery bouquet scented with notes of oak.


Strong, intense flavor, with a hint of fire at the start. A slightly sweet palate becomes pleasingly dry at the finish.

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