Templeton Maple Cask Finish Rye Whiskey 750ml


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This is the first in a series of cask-finished whiskeys from Templeton Rye, and the first up is Maple Cask Finish! Casks that previously held Templeton rye whiskey were seasoned with maple syrup from Vermont for two months. After the syrup was emptied, Templeton straight rye whiskey was filled straight into the casks, where it rested for two months before bottling at 46% ABV. Some silky sweetness in here to temper that herbaceous, spicy rye!

The first release in Templeton Rye’s Barrel Finish series has been finished for two months in maple syrup-seasoned casks from Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company. The palate offers notes of dark chocolate, green rye spice, red apples, and sticky maple syrup.

Templeton’s 4-year rye whiskey aged in casks aged with maple syrup. An unmistakable rye whiskey, Templeton Rye is smooth and spicy with a clean finish. There’s a reason people call it The Good Stuff. Rise up and taste Iowa’s most notorious whiskey.

The rye fanatics at Templeton have released the first whiskey in their “Barrel Finish Series,” which will focus on unusual wood treatments applied to its long-running rye. While Templeton recently began distilling its own juice, this is still sourced from MGP. Unlike the usual bottling of Templeton, which carries a 4-year-old label, this expression offers no age statement.


Maple syrup followed by dry, peppery wood, oak char, and a dusting of baking spice.


Less sweet than the nose would suggest, with oat and raisin cookies, cinnamon, and honeyed cereal.


A spicy finish with peppery oak, warming rye, and buttery caramel.

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