Saint Liberty Berties Bear Gulch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Saint Liberty Bertie’s Bear Whiskey celebrates and honors the untold stories of pioneering, Prohibition-era bootleggers and pairs them with great craft whiskies from all over the country. Our first bootlegger is Bertie Brown who was a woman of great courage and determination. She arrived in what was then the Montana Territory in 1898 from Missouri, a young, single, African American woman determined to make it on her own. We honor Bertie with a distinctive and wonderful 4yr Texas bourbon out of Central Texas and then we perfect it in Montana by proofing it with the same pure Rocky Mountain Water Bertie would have used 100 years ago.

Served neat, over ice or in your favorite whiskey cocktail, Bertie’s Bear Gulch Bourbon is perfect for any occasion. Its rich and complex layers develop with every sip, never hot and finishes with a hint of smoke on the end.

A 4yr Texas craft straight bourbon that is finished in Montana with pure Rocky Mountain water. Stone fruit and candied oranges on the nose and slightly smoky with hints of caramelized vanilla, apricots & brown sugar. dried fruits on the spicy rye finish.

Saint Liberty Bertie’s Bear celebrates America’s Women Pioneers in whiskey during Prohibition and those freedoms both given and taken away in 1920.

We source the finest craft whiskies from distilleries around the world and perfect them using same pure water sources in the states of each of our honored women bootleggers..

Bertie’s Bear Gulch Bourbon honors legendary bootlegger Bertie Brown who homesteaded in Fergus County, Montana back in the 1920’s.


Earthy notes, tanned leather, stonefruit, dried apricot and molasses.


Slightly smokey, caramelized vanilla, apricots and a hint of brown sugar.


Dried fruits off the spicy rye. Balanced and smooth.

Saint Liberty "Bertie's Bear Gulch" Bourbon Whiskey -
Saint Liberty Berties Bear Gulch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml $123.00 $104.55
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