Redemption Wheated Bourbon 750ml

$104.98 $89.23

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A Blend Of 51% Corn, 45% Winter Wheat, And 4% Malted Barley Aged In New Charred Oak Barrels. The Extended Barrel Aging Imparts A Toasty, Nutty Aroma, Giving It A Smooth, Mellow Character

Indiana- True grain featuring a mash bill of 45% winter wheat. Aged 4 years in new oak barrels, high wheat content creates a mellow, nutty whiskey with a long, smooth finish. Flavors of roasted coffee bean and hazelnut.

Redemption Wheated Bourbon 750ml $104.98 $89.23
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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Bourbon
Brand Redemption
Alcohol/vol 48%