JP Wisers 18 Year Old Canadian Whisky 750ml

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JP Wiser’s 18 Year Old Canadian Whisky is crafted by Don Livermore, Wiser’s Master Blender. Livermore spent 15 years as a blender before completing his Ph.D. in brewing and distilling in Edinburgh at the Heriot-Watt University (he studied the effects of wood on aging whisky for his doctorate). This whisky is a blend of Canadian rye, and barley malt, which are milled and mashed separately before being distilled and matured in oak casks for 18 years.

A full-flavoured JP Wiser’s 18 Year Old Canadian whisky from JP Wiser’s, one of the best selling brands in its home country, balancing bold flavours against softer toasted grains. This blended it is almost entirely corn whisky that has been distilled to high proof (94% + -) then left to mature for eighteen years in well-used ex-bourbon barrels.

A cracking JP Wiser 18 Year old blended Canadian whisky from the JP Wiser’s range. JP Wiser’s has an incredibly long history, with the brand being established all the way back in 1857 in Ontario, and the first bottles were sold in 1893 (previously the whisky was only sold in casks!).

Powerful vanilla aromas on the nose with subtle notes of licorice and cinnamon lead into a robust and honeyed mouthfeel with flavors of baked stone fruits and citrus pith. The finish is long and mellow and continues with the honey motif.

Hiram Walker is Canada’s largest distiller and blender. Hiram Walker was an American entrepreneur and founder of the Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd. distillery Windsor, Ontario, Canada. After purchasing land across the Detroit River, just east of what is Windsor, Ontario, he established a distillery in 1858, in what would become Walkerville, Ontario.


Milky coffee, fresh citrus, layers of butterscotch and honey.


Juicy orchard fruits come to the fore on the palate – think pear, apple and nectarine. Hints of black pepper and spicy cedar sit in the background.


Slightly nutty, with more hot oak and a generous dollop of caramel.

JP Wisers 18 Year Old Canadian Whisky 750ml $214.00 $181.90
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