John DrewS Brixton Mash Destroyer Rum & Bourbon Blend 750ml

$173.00 $147.05

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The John Drew’s Brixton Mash Destroyer was recently released from John Drew Brands. Entrepreneur John Drew grew in prominence through his craft cigar company, which tends to market towards the higher-class edge of cigar smokers. This Brixton Mash Destroyer is a continuation of the brand’s desire to create new luxury style products. It features a unique idea and bold marketing partnered with an artist named Raptuz.

The label states “Bourbon & Rum Mash” which made me hope that some interesting process of blending bourbon and rum mashbills together helped create this, but that simply is not the case. John Drew’s Brixton Mash is a bourbon and rum mash-up, which takes a Kentucky bourbon and a Florida rum and blends them to create this. The results are what you would expect: Interesting and at times confusing.

John Drew is the man behind the Drew Estate’s Pappy Van Winkle Cigars, ACID Cigars, and Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars. He has since created John Drew Brands, a venture that focuses on spirits, craft beverages, and specialty food. Some of the company’s first products were sent to us. Our tasting notes follow.

Classification: Bourbon and Rum Blend

Company: John Drew Brands

Distillery: Undisclosed

Proof: 90

Age: NAS

Mashbill: Undisclosed


Vivid yellow to gold.


Marshmallow sweetness backed by wood and baking spice. A lot of alcohol at first, dissipates and mellows nicely with time in a glass.


Reminiscent of a sour mash bourbon old fashioned, with a bourbon-esque backbone with a cane sugar sweetener. Chocolate, wood, and a slight oatmeal nuttiness. Alcohol is noticeable and time in a glass or water mellows the palate and allows for more complexity.

John Drew’s Brixton Mash Destroyer Rum & Bourbon Blend -
John DrewS Brixton Mash Destroyer Rum & Bourbon Blend 750ml $173.00 $147.05
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