JeffersonS Reserve Twin Oak Custom Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

$345.00 $293.25

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Jefferson’s Reserve Twin Oak, and their parent company Castle Brands, have successfully created a premium bourbon brand. Their raw materials were sourced bourbon, a famous name with no connection to this whiskey, and some headline-grabbing secondary maturation tricks. These shenanigans have, as yet, produced little in the way of discernible difference what actually matters: the bourbon in the glass.

As with the Wood Experiment series, Jefferson’s Reserve Twin Oak tastes like fairly plain, generic bourbon whiskey. There’s nothing noteworthy in the way of additional enhancement of aromas or flavors to show for the four month spent in the custom barrel. It’s not worth $80. It’s not even really worth half of that, all things considered.

Starts with oatmeal, bread pudding and vanilla, but hints of chocolate and cinnamon come forth just before the palate journey begins. On the tongue, think grain in several forms, from the raw kernels to the overcooked bread. Then, it’s cookie dough and molasses over a soft and subtle finish.

Think oak. From the timber yard to the embers, this is woody. Of course, that’s the point. From there, spice dominates the palate, with peppers hitting mid-palate and an array of baking spices penetrating the back. Then, roasted almonds appear just before it falls flat. Still, that spice carries this bourbon to the end.

Appearance / Color:

Honey Oak

Nose / Aroma / Smell:

The aroma is thick with wood as you might expect and notes of vanilla and butterscotch over cinnamon apple tart.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

On the tongue you’ll find classic baking spices up front followed by notes of roasted almonds, sweet bell pepper, fresh wood, and a hint of apple.


The finish is medium length with a lingering spice.

Jefferson’s Reserve Twin Oak Custom Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey -
JeffersonS Reserve Twin Oak Custom Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml $345.00 $293.25
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