JeffersonS Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon Whiskey Voyage #17

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Ever since it was founded in the late 90s, Jefferson’s always had a penchant for crafting innovative whiskey expressions. Named after American’s third president, who was also known for creating unique distillates, the brand imparts flavors into their expressions in a variety of ways from the classic cask-finishing to their more meticulous Aged At Sea approach which gave rise to their small batch line dubbed Jefferson’s Ocean.

The Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon Whiskey Voyage #17 is one of the more recent releases for the label, made from a blend of over 60 bourbon whiskeys aged between 6 and 8-years-old. After being carefully blended by founder and master blender Trey Zoeller, the bourbon is placed into oak casks which are then brought on board a container ship to start its voyage.

Vital Stats:

The subject of this review, Jefferson’s Ocean batch number 14, clocks in at 90 proof. As mentioned above, this batch carries only the straight bourbon designation. So it is safe to assume that at least some non-Kentucky bourbon found its way into this batch. Jefferson’s Ocean retails for $80 to $90.


In a glass, Jefferson’s Ocean appears a medium honey brown.


Since Jefferson’s sources bourbon, the mash bill is unknown. However, the nose for this particular batch lines up with rye grain recipe bourbon with strong floral notes that balance with salted caramel. While I initially chalked up Jefferson’s claims of similarity to an Islay Scotch to marketing fluff. There is certainly a soft salt and light smoke note mixed with the caramel.


Further supporting my suspicion that this particular batch of Jefferson’s Ocean includes mostly rye grain mash bill bourbon. The front of the palate leads off with floral notes, citrus notes, and a light black pepper spice. In the mid palate, those flavors taper off and the bourbon sweetens with caramel driving most of the flavor. Similar to the nose, soft salt and smoke combine with the caramel, and the finish tapers off with a light dry note of oak combining with the predominant caramel.

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